Our main goal is to give a permanent solution to the disease and a new perspective to the lymphedema patient.

Surgical procedures and mainly microsurgery of the lymphatic tissue has proven their advantages in the treatment of lymphedema. They aim to provide a permanent solution to this chronic devastating entity.

Lymph Node Transfer (LNT)

It represents the anatomical restoration of an area that misses lymph nodes. After a microsurgical transfer of few healthy lymph nodes, there is an immediate growth of new lymphatic vessels which reestablish the connection between the lymphedematous affected limb and the healthy area of the body.

NEW TREATMENTS using Collagen scaffolding and Stem cells

New pioneering treatments for supporting lymphatic repair is being introduced that uses BioBridge® Collagen Matrix (Fibralign, Corp.) along with autologous adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs).
BioBridge is a thread-like scaffold made of highly purified collagen and has been shown in preclinical studies to help promote and direct the formation of new lymphatic vessels. It provides added support to surgical procedures by bridging to healthy lymphatic areas with the aim to reduce lymphedema faster and more effectively. When accompanied by the introduction of ADSCs, treatment in some patients is expected to potentially become more efficacious.
The collagen scaffold is either applied on its own, or in combination with ADSCS, and/or as a means of enhancing lymph node transplantation in patients with advanced lymphedema. It can also be applied to patients with advanced lymphedema to whom the results of other surgical techniques did not yield the expected results.
The appropriate treatment path for each patient is decided after a thorough examination and diagnosis, review of the patient’s history and discussion of options with the patient.

Lymphatic Venous Anastomosis (LVA)

In a simple way, LVA is the “deviation” of the excess lymph of the affected limb through the lymphatic vessels to the vascular system. LVAs can be performed in some selected cases in which a LNT is not indicated.

Liposuction – Liposculpture

In some patients after lymphedema is cured, the limb becomes soft (lipedema) but remains with excess fatty tissue. In those patients an additional liposuction can remove the fat of the limb and actually sculptures the anatomical area, offering a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

Our full range of services provide to the lymphedema patients everything they need before and after the surgery. We do our best to give them the aid they need throughout the entire procedure.


λεμφοίδημα, θεραπεία, επέμβαση, φυσικοθεραπεια, λεμφικο οιδημα, μαστεκτομη


It is actually a manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and not a classic massage, with maneuvers that are “pushing” out the extracellular liquid through the lymphatic vessels. At the end of any session a proper Bandage is applied to reduce the volume of the affected limb. The combination of “MLD and Bandage” is performed daily expecting the lymphedematous limb to become soft and normal as the healthy limb. Afterwards an elastic pressure garment needs to be worn to keep the volume reduced.

In cases of Lymph Node Transfer, physiotherapy maneuvers are used to “push” the extracellular liquid through the lymphatic vessels into the transplanted lymph nodes. Within a short period of a few weeks the lymphatic system “is educated” to transfer the excess fluid of the limb at the new lymphatic vessels.

Physiotherapy is essential to be performed only by a specialized therapist team.


λεμφοίδημα, θεραπεία, επέμβαση, φυσικοθεραπεια, λεμφικο οιδημα, μαστεκτομη


Proper and balanced diet plays an important role in the overall management of patients with lymphedema, supporting the treatment of the disease. Restriction of movement caused of lymphedema contributes to extra weight for patients.

Our aim is loss of excess weight and long-term maintenance of healthy body weight. This procedure is done in a manner which degrades adipose tissue remaining healthy and strong musculature, which will lead to high metabolism high and desired weight.

After examining the patient both medical team and dietitian, we propose a personalized diet program based on the Mediterranean diet which limits the foods that worsen the swelling of the affected area.

Lipoedema and Nutrition

Lipoedema as a chronic, hereditary and painful condition of adipose tissue appears with unexplained gain of weight, which often leads to obesity.

Our aim is to address the nutritional principles of the Mediterranean diet in every patient individually and the goal is to achieve a healthy body weight by reducing mainly adipose tissue and therefore the lipoedema.


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Exercises before and/or after the operation make the rehabilitation period easier. With the appropriate training program the movement of the muscles helps the lymph fluid to be transferred easier.

Our specialized personnel follows a customized rehabilitation program that includes exercises (LlymphoYoga and LymphoPilates), , massage and compression garments in order to make the procedure easier and faster.


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