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Lymphedema in lower limb often can occur after extended radical hysterectomy for cancer or melanoma excision of the leg and lymph node clearance, or after radical excision of lower pelvic malignancy with the lymph nodes.

The operation of lymph node transfer can cure the lymphedema after harvesting a group of 2-3 nodes from the left or right side of the chest wall just below the axilla and transplant it at the hip, exactly where the original nodes had been removed.

A hospital stay of two to three days is needed, with lymphatic drainage commencing immediately postoperative by our physiotherapist team.

Results show improvement of the lymphedema in the majority of patients from the first weeks after the operation.

Even in very long standing lymphedema cases with extensive fibrosis, there is satisfactory reduction at the volume of the leg and decreased number of infection episodes.

Lymph node transfer
a permanent solution to lymphedema.
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