λεμφοίδημα, θεραπεία, επέμβαση, φυσικοθεραπεια, λεμφικο οιδημα, μαστεκτομη

In primary cases, lymphedema occurs spontaneously due to an abnormal function or lack of channels of the lymphatic system.

Sometimes an absence of the lymph nodes may exist due to a congenital situation. Primary lymphoedema is treatable, but requires a different surgical approach.

The lymph nodes are transplanted near the most impaired side of the lymphedema and help the absorption of the excess fluid through the blood vessels.

There are some situations in which we prefer performing lymphaticovenous anastomosis redirecting the lymph to the blood circulation.

Any decision for the different surgical technique is obtained after meticulous investigations with Near Infrared Fluoroscopy with Indocyanine Green,MRI and Lymphoscintigraphy.

Lymph Node Transfer
A permanent solution to lymphedema.
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